The Market - Produce

We offer the largest variety of gourmet quality produce you can find!

We carry fresh local seasonal produce whenever possible and is delivered fresh picked same day! We have extensive line of organic and natural produce. Our exotic fruit selection is stocked with dragon fruit, pomegranates, Meyer lemons, tree-ripened fruits, lychee nuts and so much more.

We sell local grown micro greens, artesian lettuces like Mache, fresh locally grown herbs and herb plants. Our fresh mushroom selection is quite impressive including fresh truffle mushrooms in season and on request, also we stock daily morel, chantrells, porcini, portabello, shiitake and giant white stuffing mushrooms.

Don’t forget while you’re walking around the Market to sample our fresh instore made Guacamole or Salsas with our seasoned locally baked Tortilla chips.

When in Florida you must drink fresh squeezed juices! We carry locally fresh squeezed OJ and Grapefruit! If you’re looking for a special fresh produce item, make sure to ask Randy (Carmine's brother in law) and he'll order it for you!